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Blast K110 3D6G System Helicopter

KSh15,000.00 Regular price KSh36,400.00
Type: Outdoor Play
Experience the thrill of flight with The Blast K110 3D6G System Helicopter
from Toyzoona! This remote control helicopter is perfect for beginners and
advanced users alike, thanks to its user-friendly design and advanced

Equipped with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system, The Blast K110 offers
exceptional stability, making it easy to control and perfect for practicing
various aerobatic maneuvers, including impressive 3D flips and rolls.

Powered by a brushless motor and a 4-channel transmitter, this helicopter
ensures smooth and precise control, allowing you to navigate with confidence.
The built-in LED lights add a captivating touch for night flying adventures,
while the high-capacity battery ensures longer flight times for extended fun.

Unlock the skies with Toyzoona's The Blast K110 3D6G System Helicopter - your
gateway to endless aerial excitement and mastery. Whether you're a beginner or
an experienced pilot, this remote control helicopter promises an exhilarating
and unforgettable flying experience.