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Blaster Ele Gun Sb 409

KSh3,500.00 Regular price KSh11,100.00
Unleash super power with the Blaster Ele Gun Sb 409 – an electrifying toy that
combines the excitement of shooting with a customizable blaster experience.
Designed for kids aged 6 and above, this blaster features a sleek design and
comes with 20 soft foam bullets for action-packed play.

With the Blaster Ele Gun Sb 409, you can build your own customized blaster for
thrilling shooting adventures. Load the soft foam bullets into the blaster,
switch on the power, and experience an impressive velocity of 100fps/30mps,
ensuring rapid and precise shooting action.

The Blaster Ele Gun Sb 409 encourages creativity and imagination as kids
customize their blaster for optimal performance and battle fun. This toy
provides a safe and enjoyable shooting experience, making it ideal for both
indoor and outdoor play.

Step into the world of super power with the Blaster Ele Gun Sb 409, available
at Toyzoona. Prepare for exciting customized blaster play, thrilling shooting
challenges, and endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Let the adventure