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Bracelet Gun Cj 1676061


"Unlock hours of safe and exciting playtime with The Growler Electric Soft Bullet Gun 2 Pack, available exclusively at Toyzoona! These battery-powered toy guns are designed for fun and adventure, shooting soft foam bullets that guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for kids of all ages. Each gun comes equipped with a magazine or clip to hold the foam bullets, allowing for seamless and rapid firing action. When the trigger is pulled, watch as the soft foam bullet launches a short distance, ensuring harmless impact thanks to its foam material.

With two guns included in this pack, you can invite friends or family for multiplayer action and friendly competitions, fostering teamwork and imaginative play. Dive into thrilling scenarios and embark on epic adventures, all while ensuring safety and entertainment. The Growler Electric Soft Bullet Gun 2 Pack is the ultimate choice for endless entertainment and imaginative playtime. Get yours now, exclusively at Toyzoona!"