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Brave Pro Electric Car 70 Kph A959 B

Experience the thrill of speed with the Dune RC (Remote Control) Car 70KPH
from Toyzoona! This high-performance RC car boasts a responsive steering
assembly and a powerful 1.7 KG 3-wire servo, ensuring precise control and

Designed for extreme bashing, the Dune RC Car features a main shaft and full-
time 4WD transmission with large powder gears, built to withstand massive
torque and ensure reliability.

Upgraded with 7 adjustable metal pull rods and oil-filled shocks with a coil-
over design, this RC car delivers exceptional control performance, making
handling a breeze and providing incredible acceleration and speed.

The Dune RC Car also offers adjustable body mounts, a metal-fabricated
structure, and easy-access power and electronics modules, making it easy to
maintain and incredibly durable for your racing adventures.

Get ready to dominate the track and experience unbeatable performance with
Toyzoona's Dune RC Car 70KPH. Upgrade your racing game and conquer every
obstacle with this super-durable and high-speed racing vehicle.