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Burst Gyro Large Ruler Bb804A

Immerse yourself in the world of Beyblade Burst with the Burst Gyro Large
Ruler BB804A – an exciting toy inspired by the beloved anime and manga series.
This captivating set includes a large ruler, a launcher, and a spinning top
(gyro), inviting kids aged 6 years and up to embark on thrilling battles
against other gyros.

With a ripcord mechanism, the launcher skillfully spins the gyro into action,
unleashing its power for epic battles. The ruler adds an element of strategy,
featuring a point system to keep score during these intense face-offs.

Perfect for solo play or engaging competitions with friends, the Burst Gyro
Large Ruler BB804A promises endless fun and excitement at Toyzoona. Let your
child's imagination soar as they enter the Beyblade Burst universe, spinning
their way to victory and experiencing the thrill of action-packed battles.