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Catan Cities And Knights

Enhance your CATAN experience with the Cities and Knights expansion! Immerse
yourself in the world of strategy and adventure with this incredibly fun and
beloved board game.

Please note that the Cities and Knights expansion is not a complete game. You
will need the CATAN base game in order to play with this expansion. Once you
have the base game, you can delve into the world of progress, development, and

Engage in the defense of Catan and compete to build the three great
metropolises. In this expansion, these urban centers hold even greater value
than regular cities and are immune to the dangers posed by barbarians.

Take your strategy to the next level with the Cities and Knights expansion.
Invest in city improvements, obtained through three commodities of trade:
coin, paper, and cloth. By enhancing your culture, rallying your knights, and
enriching your cities, you can become the master of the vast realm of CATAN.

CATAN is renowned as an international favorite and has earned the title of the
"Perfect Social Game." Gather your family and friends for game night and
explore the entire collection of CATAN board games. Enjoy hours of fast-paced,
interactive fun and create memorable moments together.

Designed for 3 to 4 players and suitable for ages 12 and older, CATAN Cities
and Knights offers an average playtime of approximately 90 minutes. Immerse
yourself in a world of strategy, competition, and adventure with this
thrilling expansion. Available at toyzoona, it's the perfect addition to your
CATAN board game collecti