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Cluedo 0118Y 2

Immerse yourself in an aristocratic mystery with Cluedo Downton Abbey Edition!
This classic board game takes an exciting twist as it features characters and
themes from the award-winning television series, Downton Abbey. Join Mr.
Carson at a Crawley family dinner party as he seeks help in solving a
perplexing theft.

Designed for 2 to 6 players or teams, Cluedo Downton Abbey Edition is a
thrilling strategy board game. Players must ask questions about the
perpetrator, stolen object, and hiding location. Did Lady Mary steal Lady
Edith's typewriter and hide it in the dining room? Or perhaps Tom Branson took
the Countess' telephone and concealed it in the pantry. Mark your pads and
narrow down the possibilities as other players reveal their cards. When you're
ready, make an accusation and check Mr. Carson's envelope to see if you've
solved the mystery correctly and won the game.

Unravel the suspenseful "whodunit" in this Cluedo edition inspired by the
iconic Downton Abbey television series. The game features miniature tokens
representing stolen objects from the show, including a pocket watch, bow tie,
lavender loaf, typewriter, pantry key, and telephone.

Move around the gameboard as your favorite Downton Abbey character, choosing
from Lord Grantham, Lady Mary, the Dowager Countess, John Bates, Mrs. Hughes,
or Tom Branson. It's a captivating experience that brings the world of Downton
Abbey to life.

Cluedo Downton Abbey Edition makes a fantastic gift for fans of Downton Abbey
and Clue, whether for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions. Suitable for
ages 13 and up, this game promises hours of suspenseful fun. Available at
toyzoona, it's the perfect addition to your board game collection.