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Code Breaking

"Challenge your mind and put your problem-solving skills to the test with the
Code Breaker game. This fast, fun, and intelligent 3D board game requires a
smart mind to crack the code. The Code Setter strategically places 5 pegs in
their reserved area, using repeated or different colors, or even leaving some
holes empty.

In this game, players choose from either small red or blue pegs, which are
used for counting points. The Code Breaker places 5 colored pegs in each row
of holes in their testing zone, while the Code Setter places white pegs for
each correct color in any hole and black pegs for correct guesses of both the
place and the color.

The game offers two different levels of difficulty. Level 1 features a secret
code made up of 5 different colors, making it easier to guess, while Level 2
allows repeated colors and empty holes, making it harder to guess the correct
solution. When the Code Breaking player successfully breaks the code, they
earn points by placing a points peg at the same level as the row where their
correct guess was made.

After both players have played, the points are counted, and the player with
the fewest points wins, as they have broken the code with the lowest number of

To play, set the route and complete the ball rolling. Freely place the colored
balls at the starting point and use the module puzzle on the game board to
plan the route. Roll the colored balls one by one to see if they follow the
correct path.

The Code Breaker game is not only a fun pastime but also a perfect STEM
educational toy. It challenges your mind with logic puzzles and helps enhance
your thinking ability and concentration. It's suitable for all ages, both kids
and adults.

The puzzle includes a game board, 10 color balls, 1 starting point setting, 29
module puzzles with roads (12 cross, 12 white straight line, 3 yellow straight
line, 2 hidden route), and a color booklet with 60 challenge problems and
solutions. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, with a total of 60
challenges ranging from simple to complex. The difficulty level increases as
you progress through the challenges.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic with a smooth surface for a comfortable feel,
this board game makes a great gift for boys and girls aged 6 and up. Discover
the joy of code-breaking and problem-solving with the Code Breaker game from

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