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Cranium Edition 0178Y 2


Unleash the fun and excitement with Cranium Family Fun! This game is designed
to bring families together as a team, providing an unforgettable and laughter-
filled experience.

Packed with 16 hilarious activities, Cranium Family Fun offers a variety of
challenges that showcase everyone's talents. From building and flipping to
sketching, sculpting, and guessing, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Compete against other teams as you race to reach the finish line on the
twisting and turning path. Answer questions, complete activities, and showcase
your skills to be the first team to reach the end.

With vibrant Cranium Cubes and entertaining Flipper Frogs, this game delivers
the ultimate game night experience. It's the perfect choice for family game
nights, bringing everyone together for hours of entertainment and bonding.

To advance around the board, your team must tap into its collective talents.
Answer questions and conquer challenges from the four card decks, using your
creativity, knowledge, and teamwork to succeed. Can Mom flip a frog through a
hoop you've sculpted out of clay? Can you pass the Cranium Cubes to Dad
without using your hands? It's time to find out!

Cranium Family Fun is the ideal game for family gatherings, providing an
opportunity for everyone to shine and create lasting memories. Available at
toyzoona, it's the must-have addition to your collection for the ultimate
family game night experience.