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Cry Baby 174755

KSh2,500.00 Regular price KSh4,600.00
Introducing Cry Baby 174755, the ultimate realistic baby doll that will
capture children's hearts. This adorable doll is crafted from soft, high-
quality materials, providing a lifelike appearance and a cuddly feel.

Designed to simulate the experience of caring for a real baby, Cry Baby 174755
can cry tears and make authentic baby sounds, creating an immersive and
engaging playtime experience. It is the perfect gift for children who have a
deep love for dolls and enjoy imaginative role-playing.

Beyond its entertainment value, Cry Baby 174755 serves as a valuable tool for
parents to teach their children about empathy, nurturing, and caring for
others. Through interactive play, children can develop a sense of
responsibility and cultivate important social and emotional skills.

Suitable for children aged three years and above, Cry Baby 174755 offers
endless opportunities for imaginative play and learning. It becomes a
cherished companion as children practice their caregiving skills, fostering
empathy and compassion in the process.

Discover the joy of Cry Baby 174755 at Toyzoona. Witness the enchantment of
playtime as children learn, grow, and develop vital life skills through the
power of imagination and caring for their very own Cry Baby.