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Cry Baby 174768

KSh2,500.00 Regular price KSh4,900.00
Welcome to Toyzoona, where the Cry Baby 174768 brings a realistic and
interactive playtime experience to young children! This popular toy doll is
designed to mimic the behavior of a real crying baby, making playtime all the
more engaging and immersive.

With a wide range of facial expressions and sounds, the Cry Baby doll creates
a lifelike experience, allowing children to explore the joys of nurturing and
caregiving. The doll comes complete with essential accessories like a pacifier
and a bottle, encouraging children to interact and care for their baby

Children will love engaging in role-playing and pretend play as they take on
the role of a caring parent or caregiver. The Cry Baby doll provides a
wonderful opportunity for children to practice their nurturing skills and
develop empathy in a playful and interactive way.

At Toyzoona, safety and quality are our top priorities, ensuring that the Cry
Baby 174768 doll is made to withstand hours of playtime fun. It's a fantastic
toy that sparks creativity and imaginative play, making it an ideal addition
to any child's toy collection.

Experience the joy and excitement of the Cry Baby doll, available now at
Toyzoona. Watch as your child delights in the realistic crying and interactive
features, fostering a sense of responsibility and creating cherished playtime