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Dobble 360 Game

Experience a new level of fun and excitement with the Dobble 360 Game! This
mechanical hand brings a fresh twist to the Dobble range and is compatible
with all versions of the game. It's the perfect gift for both current and
future players!

Discover a thrilling new Dobble experience with this unique game. Featuring
new symbols and rules, the Dobble 360 Game offers endless entertainment. The
game starts by separating the cards in half and placing them in the Dobble
hand. Once the mechanism is launched, the hand rotates continuously. Your task
is to spot the identical symbol on two cards and quickly announce it, all
while the hand keeps spinning. Don't worry, you won't need to stop the hand to
claim your cards! The game continues until all the cards have been matched.

The ultimate goal is to hold the most cards at the end and be crowned the
winner. Prepare to challenge your memory and concentration skills, all while
having a blast! The Dobble 360 Game guarantees a combination of entertainment,
mental agility, and heaps of fun.

Don't miss out on the Dobble 360 Game, available at Toyzoona. Experience the
thrill of spinning symbols, test your memory, and compete for victory. Get
ready for a gaming experience like no other!