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Educational Prayer Kit Qro

Type: Educational
Experience the educational journey of a lifetime with the Sajadah Educational
Prayer Kit Qro. This innovative kit is specifically designed to help children
learn and comprehend the fundamentals of Islam and prayer in an engaging and
interactive manner.

The kit includes a prayer mat, thoughtfully crafted with high-quality
materials, ensuring a comfortable surface for children to kneel on. The mat
features attractive graphics and diagrams, aiding children in learning the
proper positions and movements during prayer.

Complementing the prayer mat is a digital Quran, a compact device encompassing
the entire text of the Quran. With audio recitations and translations,
children can effortlessly learn and memorize Quranic verses, deepening their
understanding of Islam during their daily prayers.

The educational book included in the kit serves as a comprehensive guide,
fostering children's comprehension of the core principles of Islam and prayer.
Bursting with vibrant illustrations, interactive games, and quizzes, this book
captivates children's attention while facilitating the absorption of essential

The Sajadah Educational Prayer Kit Qro proves to be an invaluable resource for
parents and educators seeking to impart Islamic knowledge to children. It is
also a thoughtful gift for children who are embarking on their journey of
faith discovery.

Overall, the Sajadah Educational Prayer Kit Qro provides a stimulating and
interactive platform for children to learn about Islam and prayer. It instills
a sense of spirituality and encourages children to develop a profound
understanding and appreciation for their faith. Immerse your child in this
transformative kit, available at Toyzoona, and witness their spiritual growth
and enlightenment.