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Fisher Price Rollin Strollin Dashboard

Type: Infant Toys
Put your baby in the driver's seat with the Fisher-Price Rollin Strollin
Dashboard - the ultimate on-the-go fun for your little one! This interactive
dashboard is packed with exciting features that engage and entertain your
child as the stroller rolls along.

Attach the Rollin' & Strollin' Dashboard to the stroller for playtime on the
move. Your little driver will feel in control as they turn the lion steering
wheel and delight in hearing short songs, adding a musical touch to their

But the fun doesn't stop there! With a push of the lion's face, silly sound
effects like "Beep beep" will bring giggles and laughter. The clicking zebra
gear shifter comes with rattle beads, enhancing the sensory experience.

The dashboard even includes an engaging alligator 'rear-view' mirror, making
your little one feel like a real driver checking out what's behind them
(hello, you)!

For an added touch of realism, the Rollin Strollin Dashboard offers a key in
the ignition, allowing your child to pretend play like a pro. Let their
imagination run wild with this interactive toy, available at Toyzoona.

Whether it's a stroll in the park or running errands, the Fisher-Price Rollin
Strollin Dashboard promises endless hands-on fun for your little driver,
making every journey an exciting and joyous adventure.