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Hairstylist Creative Dough T 27 6818 2

Unlock the world of hairstyling with The Hairstylist Creative Dough Set T-27
6818-2, a creative playset that ignites young imaginations using Play-Doh.
This captivating playset is specially designed to inspire children to explore
their hairstyling skills and creativity.

The set includes a hair salon playset and various tools and accessories,
allowing kids to mold and style Play-Doh hair in different ways. With
scissors, a brush, and a hairclipper, children can experiment and create
endless hairstyles for their Play-Doh characters.

Dive into a world of vibrant colors with the included Play-Doh compounds in
various shades. Mix and blend them to create unique hair colors and textures,
making each hairstyle truly one-of-a-kind.

Let your child's creativity take center stage as they experiment with
different hairstyles, colors, and accessories. The Hairstylist Creative Dough
Set T-27 6818-2 provides a fun and engaging way for children to express their
creativity, practice fine motor skills, and explore the art of hairstyling
through the medium of Play-Doh.

Discover the joy of hairstyling and imaginative play with The Hairstylist
Creative Dough Set T-27 6818-2, available now at Toyzoona. Watch as your child
transforms into a budding hairstylist, creating stunning looks and endless
smiles with this delightful playset!