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Hasbro Playdoh Dental Kit

KSh1,500.00 Regular price KSh4,600.00
Introducing the Hasbro Playdoh Dental Kit, a creative playset that combines
the fun of Play-Doh with the importance of dental hygiene. Available at
Toyzoona, this interactive kit sparks your child's imagination while promoting
dental care.

With the Hasbro Playdoh Dental Kit, kids can play dentist as they mold and
shape Play-Doh teeth, create braces, and perform pretend dental procedures
using the included tools. This playset allows children to engage in
imaginative play while learning about the significance of maintaining a
healthy smile.

The Play-Doh Dental Kit from Hasbro encourages fine motor skills development
as children manipulate the Play-Doh to create dental structures. It also
fosters imaginative play, enabling kids to role-play as dentists and patients,
enhancing their storytelling abilities.

By making dental care fun and engaging, this kit helps children develop
positive associations with oral hygiene. It promotes awareness of dental
health and teaches the importance of brushing, flossing, and maintaining a
healthy smile from an early age.

Experience the educational and entertaining benefits of the Hasbro Playdoh
Dental Kit, available at Toyzoona. Let your child's creativity and dental
awareness shine as they explore the world of oral hygiene through the exciting
medium of Play-Doh. This playset is a wonderful way to make dental care
enjoyable and encourage a lifetime of healthy habits.