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Hasbro Playdoh Elf Pony Set E67265C00

Introducing the Hasbro Playdoh Elf Pony Set E67265C00 Naybelle, a silly and
interactive styling toy horse designed for kids aged 3 years and up. This
playful set brings together the fun of Play-Doh and imaginative play with a
delightful pony companion.

Naybelle, the adorable toy horse, offers a range of exciting features. Kids
can shape a Play-Doh cowboy hat under her saddle, grow a Play-Doh mane, and
more! They can use Play-Doh compound to grow Naybelle's mane and then use the
braid roller and molds to decorate her with braided hair and Play-Doh
accessories like bows, flowers, and more.

Adding to the fun, Naybelle showcases cool kicking action. Kids can make Play-
Doh hay bales with the barrel mold, and by pushing down on her head, they can
see Naybelle kick them with her back legs, creating a lifelike horse-like

The Hasbro Playdoh Elf Pony Set E67265C00 Naybelle includes three non-toxic
Play-Doh colors in standard 2-ounce cans. With these vibrant colors, children
can unleash their creativity and create a variety of fun looks and styles for

Experience the joy and creativity of the Hasbro Playdoh Elf Pony Set E67265C00
Naybelle, available at Toyzoona. This delightful playset encourages fine motor
skills development, imaginative storytelling, and artistic expression. Let
your child embark on exciting styling adventures with their playful pony
companion and explore the endless possibilities of Play-Doh fun.