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Hasbro Playdoh Sandwich E76235C00

KSh3,950.00 Regular price KSh5,900.00
"Indulge in creative culinary fun with the Play-Doh Sandwich Making Set! Kids of all ages can now craft their own mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches using the stretchy and ooey-gooey Play-Doh Elastix compound, mimicking the irresistible melted cheese effect. This delightful play food set lets children layer Play-Doh bread and Elastix compound, add playful Play-Doh toppings, and press them together in the silly sandwich press for a satisfying sensory experience. Perfect for kids aged 3 and up, this toy makes an ideal gift for those who enjoy expressing themselves through modeling clay and imaginative pretend play. Dive into a world of delicious creativity at Toyzoona!"