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Hola Banging Bopping Drum Set 3130

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Hola Banging Bopping Drum Set for kids - the perfect toy to
inspire your little rock star's creativity. This smart drum set features two
snare drums, a bass drum, and a cymbal, allowing children to unleash their
musical talent. The set also includes a stand-up microphone, adding an extra
element of excitement as their voice resonates across the room.

The Hola Banging Bopping Drum Set offers two modes: melody and drum. In melody
mode, children can play along with pre-programmed tunes, while in drum mode,
they can create their own unique rhythms and grooves. The set is designed to
foster imagination and self-expression, empowering children to think and act

With volume control buttons, you can easily adjust the sound levels of the
Hola Banging Bopping Drum Set. Lower the volume for quieter playtime or turn
it up to rock out to their heart's content. This feature ensures a comfortable
and enjoyable experience for both children and parents.

This drum set comes complete with a working bass drum, soft drum sticks, toy
cymbals, and a stool, providing a comprehensive and immersive drumming
experience. The bass pedal adds a touch of realism, allowing kids to produce
authentic bass sounds as they play. The detachable microphone and light-up
buttons further enhance the interactive nature of the toy, making it even more
engaging for young musicians.

Music toys, like the Hola Banging Bopping Drum Set, provide a valuable
opportunity for children to hone their musical talent and experiment with
sound. By playing and exploring with musical instruments, children can develop
a deeper appreciation for music and sharpen their auditory skills.

Unlock your child's musical potential with the Hola Banging Bopping Drum Set,
available exclusively at Toyzoona. With its realistic features, pre-programmed
songs, and adjustable volume control, this toy guarantees endless hours of
musical fun and exploration. Order now and watch your little one rock the
stage with their creativity and talent.