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Hola Bear Rhythm Drum E8993

KSh4,950.00 Regular price KSh7,400.00
Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the hola Musical Rhythm Drum Toy - the perfect interactive toy to
engage and inspire your child. This captivating toy combines music,
symphonies, gears, and lights, creating a stimulating STEAM learning
experience for your little one.

The hola Musical Rhythm Drum Toy is designed to provide endless hours of fun
while incorporating important learning concepts. Packed with art and
engineering elements, this mini bear toy offers a wide range of features that
will capture your child's attention and foster their development.

In Learning Mode, the toy's middle yellow button activates the lighting and
drum effects. Each of the four gears hides instrumental sounds such as the
piano, xylophone, trumpet, and snare drum. As your baby turns the gears, they
will discover and explore different musical sounds while learning about the
engineering structure of the gear linkage.

Switching to Creativity Mode, the middle yellow button plays melodies
accompanied by six rhythmic LED color lights. Kids can unleash their
creativity by raising and lowering the gears, creating their own melodies and
compositions. The rotatory linkage gears allow them to adjust the rhythm and
speed of the music, making it a dynamic and engaging experience. The bear's
horn changes colors according to the beat and style of the music, adding a
touch of visual excitement to the playtime.

The hola Musical Rhythm Drum Toy offers several features to enhance the play
experience. Each instrument's melodies can be heard by picking up their
corresponding gear wheel. The yellow drum button features six rhythmic lights
of different colors, adding visual interest to the music. Kids can also adjust
the tone and speed to compose their own unique melodies. With two volume
levels, you can control the sound output as per your preference. Furthermore,
the adorable bear's head glows in different lights, synchronizing with the
music and captivating your child's imagination.

This toy is not only entertaining but also promotes cognitive development,
creativity, imagination, and coordination skills in children. It is designed
to provide a holistic learning experience while keeping your child engaged and

Experience the joy of learning and creativity with the hola Musical Rhythm
Drum Toy, exclusively available at Toyzoona. Order now and watch as your
child's cognition, creativity, imagination, and coordination skills soar to
new heights.