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Hola Peacock Rattle E318B 1

Type: Infant Toys

Introducing the Hola Peacock Rattle E318B - the perfect companion for your baby's development. These rattles feature multiple easy grip handles, providing plenty of holding spots for your baby. They will tightly hold onto the rattles with their strong grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills develop, they will learn to hold and shake them, promoting coordination and dexterity.

Safety is our top priority. The Peacock Rattle is made from safe materials that are BPA-free. These baby teethers are crafted with eco-friendly, heat-resistant materials that are non-toxic and odorless. You can easily disinfect them with hot water, ensuring a clean and hygienic playtime experience. Rest assured, these rattles maintain their shape, color, and integrity, as they are designed to be durable and fade-resistant. They are 100% food-grade plastic baby rattle toys, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one.

The Hola Peacock Rattle E318B is thoughtfully designed to cater to different stages of your baby's development. As they grow, these rattles provide sensory stimulation and engage their curiosity. Explore the variety of textures, colors, and shapes to promote cognitive development and sensory exploration.

Choose the Hola Peacock Rattle E318B from toyzoona for a safe and stimulating toy that supports your baby's growth and development. With its easy grip handles, safe materials, and versatility, it's the perfect choice for your little one's playtime journey.