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Hola Super Fun Fruit Car 516

KSh2,950.00 Regular price KSh3,600.00
Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Hola Super Fun Fruit Car - a delightful and educational toy
that brings joy and learning together. This shape sorting car is designed to
introduce children to the exciting world of numbers, letters, shapes, colors,
and fruits.

With six vibrant and colorful fruit blocks to play with, young children will
have a blast matching each block to its corresponding shape in the car. The
interactive nature of this toy engages children and helps them develop
important cognitive skills while having fun. When the car is filled with fruit
blocks, simply open the boot to spill them out and start the sorting adventure
all over again.

The Hola Super Fun Fruit Car is packed with amazing features to captivate
children's attention. It features bump and go action, meaning that if the car
bumps into an object, it will automatically change direction, adding an
element of surprise and excitement to playtime. Additionally, the bump and go
feature can be turned off, allowing the car to be used without batteries.

This toy not only provides entertainment but also promotes the development of
essential hand-eye coordination skills. As children manipulate the fruit
blocks and match them to the corresponding shapes, they refine their motor
skills and enhance their coordination abilities.

Through play, the Hola Super Fun Fruit Car teaches children how to recognize
shapes, colors, and fruits. This interactive learning experience sparks
curiosity and helps children build a foundation for further cognitive

Versatility is key with this toy. It can be used with or without batteries,
offering options for different play styles. Moreover, the car features a
ringlet underneath, allowing a piece of string to be attached for pulling
along the car, enhancing imaginative play and adding another layer of fun.

Choose the Hola Super Fun Fruit Car from toyzoona and watch as your child
embraces the world of learning through play. With its engaging features, shape
sorting capabilities, and educational benefits, this toy is sure to provide
endless hours of entertainment and growth for your little one.