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Hola Teather 306E

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Hola Activity Keys 306E - a safe and engaging teething toy
designed for babies aged 0 months and up. Crafted with utmost consideration
for safety, these teething keys are made from food-grade, non-toxic, and BPA-
free ABS material, ensuring a safe chewing experience for your little one.

Looking for the perfect gift for a baby? Look no further! The Hola Activity
Keys 306E features easy-grip teething key ring toys with a light-up design and
three multiple textures teethers. These keys are designed to stimulate and
soothe your baby's gums during the teething process, providing relief and

Promoting both fun and health, these teething keys offer varied materials that
are gentle on tender gums while being solid enough for children to chew on or
use daily. The different textures of the teethers provide sensory stimulation,
assisting in the eruption of front, middle, and back teeth.

When teething pain strikes, the Hola Activity Keys 306E have you covered. The
ice gel chew teether included in the set can be frozen, providing a cooling
and soothing effect to alleviate teething discomfort.

To ensure the longevity and cleanliness of the teethers, follow these care
instructions: Clean before use with a damp cloth and mild soap, and air dry
only. It is important not to boil, microwave, or use a dishwasher to clean the
teethers, as this may compromise their integrity.

Choose the Hola Activity Keys 306E from toyzoona and provide your baby with a
safe and enjoyable teething experience. With its focus on safety, variety of
textures, and soothing capabilities, this teething toy is the ideal choice for
your little one's teething needs.