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Hola Whale Game E268

KSh2,750.00 Regular price KSh3,300.00
Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Hola Whale Game - a feature-packed activity toy designed to
provide both fun and learning for children. This interactive toy stimulates
curiosity, enhances imagination and creativity, and promotes logical thinking
and problem-solving skills.

The Hola Whale Game features six engaging activity games that assist in
sensory development, fine motor skills, and logical thinking. Children can
spin the whale's eyes, move colorful beads along the handle, slide the little
fish up and down, hit the sea turtle to make the balls bounce, move the
starfish to create noise, and squeeze the whale's tail to produce a rattling
sound. These activities engage children in hands-on exploration, improving
finger and hand dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

This toy is suitable for children aged 6 months and above, providing age-
appropriate stimulation and challenges. It does not require batteries,
ensuring uninterrupted playtime and easy maintenance.

Choose the Hola Whale Game from toyzoona and provide your child with a fun and
educational toy that enhances their development. With its various activity
games, focus on fine motor skills and logical thinking, and suitability for
young children, this toy is an excellent addition to their playtime routine.