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Infantino Orbit Rattle Multicolor

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Infantino Orbit Rattle - a vibrant and engaging baby toy
designed for infants aged 0-12 months. This rattle features a clear outer ball
filled with colorful beads that spin around inside when shaken, creating a
captivating visual and auditory experience for babies.

The Infantino Orbit Rattle is specifically designed to promote sensory
development. Babies can grasp, shake, slide, bend, and twist the rattle,
engaging their senses and improving their fine motor skills. The sliding
clacker rings and gentle rattle sound provide auditory stimulation, while the
textured frames stimulate the sense of touch.

This lightweight rattle is easy for small hands to hold and manipulate,
encouraging independent play and exploration. It comes in a variety of bright
and engaging colors, capturing the attention and curiosity of young infants.

Safety is a top priority with the Infantino Orbit Rattle. It is made of BPA-
free plastic, ensuring a safe chewing experience for babies. Additionally, the
rattle is easy to clean, allowing for convenient maintenance.

Choose the Infantino Orbit Rattle from toyzoona and provide your baby with a
simple, yet entertaining toy that promotes sensory development and hours of
engagement. With its colorful design, interactive features, and lightweight
construction, this rattle is sure to become an instant favorite for your
little one.