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Infantino Sensory Textured Multi Ball

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Infantino Sensory Textured Multi Ball - a set of six textured
balls designed to promote sensory skills and hand-eye coordination in babies.
These balls are made of different materials, featuring soft and squishy,
spiky, and bumpy textures. Each ball has a bright color and a unique texture,
providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience for babies to touch, grip,
and play with.

The easy-to-grab design of the Sensory Textured Multi Ball allows babies to
develop their tactile senses while having fun. The varied sizes and shapes of
the balls encourage babies to reach, bat, grab, and engage in sensory play,
promoting their sensory development and fine motor skills.

This set of textured balls makes a great gift for any occasion, including baby
showers, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more. Packaged in easy-to-wrap
packaging, it is convenient and ready to be gifted to your little one or to
other babies in your life.

Cleaning and care of the balls are easy. They can be wiped clean with a cloth,
ensuring they stay hygienic and ready for play. Please note that these balls
are not intended for use in the bath.

Choose the Infantino Sensory Textured Multi Ball from toyzoona and provide
your baby with an engaging and stimulating playtime experience. With their
varied textures, vibrant colors, and developmental benefits, these balls are a
perfect addition to your baby's sensory toy collection.