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Infantino Shake And Teether

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Infantino Shake and Teether - a cheerful rattle toy packed
with engaging activities for little ones to discover. This versatile toy
offers a range of sensory and teething experiences, perfect for babies' early

Suitable for ages 0 months and up, the Infantino Shake and Teether features an
easy-to-grasp chewy ring with chaser bead gems. This chewy ring provides a
soothing and safe option for babies to explore and chew on, while the chaser
bead gems add an element of visual and auditory stimulation.

The multi-textured sensory petals on the toy are designed to provide relief
for teething babies and promote sensory learning. Babies can explore the
different textures and sensations, stimulating their tactile senses and
soothing their gums during the teething process.

The roller ball center of the Shake and Teether features bouncy rattle beads,
providing additional auditory and visual stimulation. Babies can enjoy the
sound and movement of the beads as they roll and shake the toy.

The easy-to-grasp handle of the Shake and Teether includes spinning beads,
adding another interactive element to playtime. Babies can manipulate and spin
the beads, improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Infantino Shake and Teether is designed with little hands in mind. Its
perfect size makes it easy for babies to hold and manipulate, promoting
independence and self-exploration.

Choose the Infantino Shake and Teether from toyzoona and provide your little
one with a fun and stimulating toy. With its easy-to-grasp chewy ring, multi-
textured sensory petals, roller ball center, and interactive features, this
teether is a fantastic choice for your baby's early learning and playtime