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Infantino Spin And Rattle Teether

Type: Infant Toys

Introducing the Infantino Spin & Rattle Teether - a cheerful rattle toy
designed to captivate and engage little ones with its busy activities. This
versatile teether offers a range of sensory experiences and teething relief,
perfect for babies' early development.

The teether features soft and textured teething petals, providing soothing
relief for teething babies. The multi-textured surfaces stimulate sensory
learning, allowing babies to explore different sensations while soothing their

At the center of the Spin & Rattle Teether, there is a spinning rainbow bead
rattle. This adds an element of visual and auditory stimulation, captivating
babies' attention and encouraging exploration.

The teether is designed with an easy-to-hold handle, perfectly sized for
little hands to grip and manipulate. Babies can confidently hold onto the
teether, promoting their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The handle of the teether includes beads for sliding, spinning, and clacking.
These beads offer additional interactive features, allowing babies to explore
different movements and sounds, further enhancing their sensory experiences.

The Infantino Spin & Rattle Teether is suitable for babies from 0 months and
up, providing them with a safe and engaging toy to support their early

Choose the Infantino Spin & Rattle Teether from toyzoona and provide your
little one with a delightful teething and sensory toy. With its soft and
textured teething petals, spinning rainbow bead rattle, easy-to-hold handle,
and interactive beads, this teether is a wonderful choice for your baby's
exploration and teething relief.