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Infantino Stack N Nest Cups

Type: Infant Toys
Introducing the Infantino Stack 'n Nest Cups Activity Playset - a versatile
and engaging toy designed to keep your toddler entertained while supporting
their sensory development. This playset includes 8 stacking and nesting cups,
offering endless possibilities for playtime and even bath time.

The Stack 'n Nest Cups are not only fun to stack and play with, but they also
help support hand-eye coordination and healthy sensory development. As
toddlers manipulate and stack the cups, they enhance their fine motor skills
and spatial awareness. The different sizes of the cups provide opportunities
for nesting and nesting, promoting problem-solving skills and logical

These cups are perfect for playtime at home or on-the-go, and they can even be
used during bath time. The self-draining design ensures easy clean-up and
allows for water play, adding an extra element of fun and sensory exploration.

Each cup features a different animal character detailing on its base, adding a
playful and adorable touch. The animal designs spark your toddler's
imagination and encourage creative play.

Choose the Infantino Stack 'n Nest Cups Activity Playset from toyzoona and
provide your toddler with an engaging and versatile toy. With its stackable
and self-draining design, support for hand-eye coordination and sensory
development, and delightful animal character detailing, this playset is sure
to become a firm favorite during playtime and beyond.