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Intertial Doodle 360 Degree

Discover endless fun with the Intertial Doodle 360 Degree car, an exciting toy
that moves with a 360-degree rotation through the power of inertia, now
available at Toyzoona! This simple yet innovative toy car features a plastic
body and wheels, providing an entertaining play experience for kids.

Just pull the car back to store potential energy, and release it to watch it
zoom forward with a thrilling 360-degree rotation. This unique feature adds an
exciting twist to the traditional pull-back car design, delighting children of
all ages.

Beyond fun and excitement, the Intertial Doodle 360 Degree car also promotes
the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in children.
Let your little ones indulge in hours of play and learning with this
incredible toy car, available now at Toyzoona.

Embrace the joy of movement and discovery with the Intertial Doodle 360 Degree
car, a must-have addition to every car enthusiast's collection. Elevate
playtime and watch as your child's imagination soars!