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Intex Pool School Deluxe Baby Float


"Introduce Your Baby to the Joy of Water Play with Intex Pool School Deluxe Baby Float!"

Are you ready to make your child's water adventures safe and memorable? Look no further than the Intex Pool School Deluxe Baby Float – the ultimate choice for a secure and enjoyable aquatic experience.

Key Features:

  • Unbeatable Stability: This remarkable baby float features a large square ring that ensures unbeatable stability in the water, offering both safety and fun for your little one.

  • Comfort Above All: With a unique seat style and leg holes, this float provides exceptional comfort, so your child can splash around with ease and delight. The excellent backrest offers essential support, allowing your little swimmer to relax and have fun with confidence.

  • Built to Last: Crafted from durable Vinyl PVC material, the Intex Baby Float is designed to withstand hours of play. Plus, it comes with a handy repair patch for added peace of mind.

  • Age and Weight-Appropriate: With a maximum weight limit of 15kg (33lb) and suitable for ages 1-2 years, this float is the perfect choice to introduce your child to the joys of water play in a safe and delightful way.

Choose Intex for an incredible water adventure for your little one. Make their first experiences in the water safe and memorable. Get the Intex Pool School Deluxe Baby Float from Toyzoona today!"