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Lego 10780 Mickey And Friends Cast

Embark on exciting fantasy adventures with LEGO 10780 Mickey And Friends
Castle Defense! This captivating LEGO medieval toy castle brings together the
magic of Disney's Mickey and friends with the thrill of medieval times,
perfect for kids aged 4 and above.

Inside the box, you'll find a delightful array of elements, including a
buildable toy dragon, a horse toy with a cart, a treasure chest, a catapult,
weapons, and fruit accessories, providing endless opportunities for
imaginative play.

Join the fun with beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse,
Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck, all dressed in medieval outfits, along with
various accessories like bread, swords, and a hairbrush.

Designed with Starter Bricks and large pieces specifically tailored for kids
aged 4 and up, this LEGO medieval castle toy ensures that young builders can
start playing right away. Let your creativity soar and dive into captivating
adventures with this enchanting set, available now at Toyzoona!