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Lego 41398 Baby 4 Stephanes House


Discover the LEGO 41398 Baby 4 Stephanie's House set, a fantastic way to spark creativity and enhance your child's thinking skills.

This set not only fosters imagination but also offers ease of use, ensuring that children can open and enjoy it without any hassle.

Inside, you'll find LEGO Friends Stephanie, Alicia, and James mini-dolls, along with Dash the Dog figure, plus a range of accessories to enrich the play experience, such as hockey gear, a bike, helmet, and a coveted trophy cup.

The set is complete with kitchen equipment, including a croissant, milk and cereal boxes, a pan and fried egg, a hairbrush, and even a bowl and bone for Dash the Dog.

Nurture your child's imagination, critical thinking, and storytelling skills with this delightful LEGO set, available now at Toyzoona.