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Lego 41662 Olivia Flamingo Cube

Explore the wonders of nature with LEGO 41662 Olivia Flamingo Cube! Step into
Olivia's world and discover a flamingo toy in 1 of 4 different 'surprise'
colors, along with a buildable lake scene, camera, watermelon, and a juicy
watermelon slice.

Encourage imaginative play as kids spot a flamingo in the jungle, take
snapshots of it with the camera, play with the frog, paddle in the jungle
pool, and enjoy a refreshing slice of watermelon. This captivating set is
designed to inspire endless adventures in the wild.

Recommended for children aged 6 and above, this cube contains 41 pieces,
providing a fun and engaging building experience. Join Olivia in her jungle
exploration and create memorable stories with this delightful LEGO set.

Experience the joy of nature and imaginative play with LEGO 41662 Olivia
Flamingo Cube, available exclusively at Toyzoona. Let your child's creativity
soar and embark on a wild journey filled with exciting discoveries!