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Lego 41682 Heatlake City School

Welcome to the exciting world of LEGO 41682 Heatlake City School! This
2-floors school house toy is packed with endless possibilities for kids aged 6
and above. With three classrooms, a canteen, lockers, toilet, and an outdoor
playground, little learners can embark on thrilling adventures and immerse
themselves in imaginative play.

Inside the LEGO school, young minds can explore the art, drama & music
classroom, where they'll find a chest of creative dress-up kits, a delightful
selection of instruments, brushes, paints, and an easel. The roleplay
possibilities are endless as they create their masterpieces and put on
spectacular performances.

In the science lab, kids can conduct fascinating experiments with a microscope
and study a lifelike ladybird, recreating the perfect school day and nurturing
their curiosity about the world.

This fantastic set comes with three LEGO mini dolls: Olivia, a new boy named
Julian, and a teacher figure, allowing children to role-play various classroom
experiences and foster social and cognitive skills.

The fun doesn't end there! The set includes a toy bike with a helmet, a ball
for outdoor play, a laptop and pen with a notebook for academic pursuits, and
tables and food accessories in the canteen for a complete school experience.

Built on a sturdy baseplate, this LEGO school house model doubles as an
impressive display piece, making it a great gift idea for both boys and girls
who love engaging in realistic scenarios and playing out everyday hero
adventures in Heartlake City.

Unlock the power of imaginative play and create unforgettable memories with
LEGO 41682 Heatlake City School. Get ready to explore, learn, and have a blast
at Toyzoona!