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Lego 41709 Vacation Beach House

Unleash your child's creativity with the versatile LEGO 41709 Vacation Beach
House playset! This modular LEGO Friends set offers endless hours of fun,
allowing kids to reconfigure their model into 2 or 3 separate buildings,
creating their unique vacation paradise.

Packed with exciting play opportunities, the Vacation Beach House includes a
bedroom with a bathroom, a room with bunk beds, a balcony with a rooftop pool,
a lounge featuring a sofa bed, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 electric scooters,
and a thrilling banana boat ride.

Complete with 4 mini-dolls, including LEGO Friends Mia, as well as delightful
dolphin and cat figures, this playset offers six characters to add to the
beach house adventures.

The Vacation Beach House features an array of creative accessories, from
gaming controllers to a table-tennis table and an air pump for inflating the
banana boat. These elements ignite imaginative play and take the beach-themed
experience to a whole new level.

As a birthday gift idea for kids aged 7 and above who love playing house or
enjoy beach-themed toys, this colorful summer toy is an absolute delight.
Watch as boys and girls indulge in hours of vacation play and create
unforgettable memories in their LEGO Friends Vacation Beach House.

Get ready for a beach adventure like no other with LEGO 41709 Vacation Beach
House, the perfect gift available at Toyzoona. Allow your child's imagination
to soar and let the vacation fun begin!