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Lego 41713 Olivias Space Academy

Inspire little science enthusiasts with LEGO 41713 Olivia's Space Academy!
Fuel their love for space and exploration with this out-of-this-world playset,
designed to teach kids about the exciting world of the space program.

This set features a spaceship toy with authentic details, showcasing elements
inspired by the Space Shuttle program. It includes a Space Shuttle model, an
academy building, a telescope, and four LEGO Friends characters to embark on
thrilling space adventures.

Let imaginations soar as kids engage in pretend play as astronauts undergoing
training, simulate thrilling space shuttle flights, experience space walks,
and search the vast heavens for new galaxies.

The perfect creative gift for space toy fans, this science playset presents a
rewarding challenge for little builders aged 8 and above. They will take pride
in constructing the Space Shuttle model, creating a display they can showcase
with pride.

Packed with space facts and scientifically accurate elements, this LEGO set
offers a fun and educational experience, allowing science fans to learn about
space and astronaut training in an engaging way. Don't miss the opportunity to
foster a passion for space exploration and discovery with Olivia's Space
Academy at Toyzoona!