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Lego City Ocean MiniSubmarine 60263


"Dive into Adventure with LEGO City Ocean Mini-Submarine 60263! This engaging playset is the perfect gift for children aged 4 and up, fostering creative and independent role play.

Discover an exciting world beneath the waves with a cool toy exploration submarine, a seabed setting complete with a pirate treasure chest and gem elements, a pilot minifigure, and a fearsome hammerhead shark figure. All the essentials for thrilling underwater adventures!

Kids will be captivated by the submarine's opening bubble cockpit, spinning propeller, and posable inspection arms. The treasure chest is filled with sparkling gem elements, and the hammerhead shark features menacing opening jaws.

Designed for budding builders, LEGO 4+ sets provide a fun and educational way for youngsters to develop their LEGO-building skills. Featuring special starter bricks and easy-to-follow printed building guides, they help kids build confidence and abilities step by step.

Once assembled, the submarine toy (with inspection arms extended) stands at over 2 inches high, 7 inches long, and 2 inches wide. There's ample room in the bubble cockpit for the pilot minifigure. Dive into endless underwater adventures with this fantastic set from toyzoona!"