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Lego Wildlife Rescue Operation 60302

"Embark on an Exciting Wildlife Adventure with LEGO Wildlife Rescue Operation
60302! This Captivating LEGO City Playset is Bursting with Features, Iconic
Animal Figures, and Inspiring Characters for Endless Wildlife-Rescue Role

Dive into the action-packed world of wildlife rescue with the LEGO Wildlife
Rescue Operation 60302. This playset is a treasure trove of excitement,
featuring thrilling features, iconic animal figures, and captivating
characters that invite endless wildlife-rescue role play.

Discover a comprehensive array of elements that allow kids to create a toy
winch helicopter, a versatile tracked vehicle, a fully-equipped vet station,
and a dynamic savanna setting complete with a landslide function. With the
inclusion of elephant and calf figures, a crocodile figure, two monkey
figures, and four minifigures, every rescue scenario comes to life.

Young adventurers can push a lever to activate the tree-and-rockslide, adding
an extra layer of thrill to the play experience. The helicopter boasts a
functional winch, spinning rotors, and a cargo bay, while the tracked vehicle
features a detachable hoist chain and a convenient storage compartment.

This playset is an exceptional birthday gift or a treat for any day, designed
for kids aged 6 and up. Expand the wildlife action and adventure by combining
this set with others from the LEGO City Wildlife range.

Witness the winch helicopter measuring over 4.5 inches (12 cm) in height, 13.5
inches (35 cm) in length, and 12 inches (31 cm) in width, as it becomes the
centerpiece of thrilling wildlife-rescue stories.

Elevate playtime with the LEGO Wildlife Rescue Operation 60302, where kids can
save the day in the captivating world of wildlife rescue. Available now at