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Little Bead Farm

Type: Educational
Discover the enchanting Little Bead Farm, a delightful toy set designed for
children aged 36 months and above. This farm-themed playset features a variety
of colorful beads and adorable animal figures, allowing children to create an
array of patterns and designs.

The Little Bead Farm promotes essential skills such as hand-eye coordination,
fine motor skills, and cognitive development as children use the beads to form
patterns and designs on the playset. It fosters creativity and imagination,
empowering children to craft unique designs and tell imaginative stories.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Little Bead Farm set ensures
durability and safety for children to play with. This versatile and engaging
toy can be enjoyed individually or with multiple players, providing a fun and
interactive activity for children to engage in either alone or with friends.

Overall, Little Bead Farm is an educational and enjoyable toy that encourages
children to develop vital skills while having a blast. It serves as an
excellent tool for parents and educators to promote healthy physical and
cognitive development in a fun and entertaining manner.

Immerse your child in the captivating world of the Little Bead Farm, available
at Toyzoona. Witness their creativity and skills flourish as they engage in
this interactive and imaginative playset.