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LOL Colour Change Surprise Doll

Introducing the sparkling L.O.L Surprise! Glitter Colour Change Doll
collection! Get ready for an exciting update to the best-selling colour change
dolls, now with even more dazzling surprises.

Each fan-favourite character comes with 7 surprises to unbox, including a
fierce outfit, multiple accessories, and glamorous glittery hair. Watch the
magic unfold as you feed the doll water from its bottle, place the bubble
stopper in, and give it a twirl and shake to see their hair come to life with
sparkles. Then, immerse your doll in cold or warm water to reveal their
mesmerizing colour change surprise.

Product Features:

\- The best-selling L.O.L Surprise! Colour Change Doll collection is back, now
with a dazzling new look!
\- Feed the doll water, place the bubble stopper, twirl, shake, and dip to
discover a glittery colour change surprise!
\- Unbox 7 surprises, including a collectible doll, a fabulous outfit,
multiple accessories, a bottle, a secret message, and all-new glitter hair.
\- Collect all 12 re-released characters and reveal each doll's unique colour
change feature.
\- Don't miss the Glitter Colour Change Lil Sis and Pet collections to
complete your L.O.L Surprise! experience, each sold separately.
\- Suitable for ages 4 years and above.

Join the colour change adventure and add a touch of glimmer to your L.O.L
Surprise! collection. Unleash the magic of glittery surprises with the Glitter
Colour Change Dolls, available now at toyzoona for kids aged 4 years and up.

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