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Magic Relighting Candles

Add a touch of fun and surprise to your birthday celebrations and special
occasions with Magic Relighting Candles from toyzoona. These novelty items are
designed to reignite themselves after being blown out, creating an exciting
and amusing effect that will delight everyone.

Watch as the candle appears to be extinguished after blowing, only to
magically relight after a few seconds, bringing joy and laughter to the
celebrants. The relighting feature adds an element of excitement and
entertainment to the traditional candle-blowing tradition, creating
unforgettable moments for all.

Available in various colors and sizes, Magic Relighting Candles are a popular
choice for adding playfulness and surprise to birthday cakes and other
celebratory desserts. Make your celebrations even more memorable with these
fun and whimsical candles from toyzoona. Get ready for laughter and joy as you
light up your special occasions with Magic Relighting Candles.