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Mathematical Set

Explore the world of mathematics with our premier Mathematical Set at
Toyzoona, featuring an eye-catching clash of colors design! This set comes in
a durable metal embossed tin with color-coordinated contents, ensuring both
style and functionality.

Inside, you'll find everything your child needs for precise and creative
mathematical endeavors. The set includes a metal self-centering compass with a
pencil for accurate circles and arcs, a pencil sharpener to keep their tools
ready, and an eraser for easy corrections.

Additionally, the Mathematical Set contains a 15cm ruler, 45° & 60° set
squares for constructing angles, a 180° protractor to measure and draw angles,
and a lettering stencil for neat and consistent writing.

Perfect for school use or at home, this comprehensive Mathematical Set equips
your child with the essential tools to excel in their mathematical studies.
The high-quality components and thoughtful design make it an ideal choice for
young learners and aspiring mathematicians.

Make learning math a delightful and colorful experience with our Mathematical
Set at Toyzoona. Order now and empower your child's mathematical journey with
this exceptional and stylish set!