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Mideer Magnetic Puzzles

KSh3,500.00 Regular price KSh6,400.00
Looking for a versatile and educational toy for kids aged 3-5? Look no further
than Mideer Magnetic Puzzles! This 2-in-1 magnetic toy offers a range of
engaging activities and learning opportunities for young children.

Mideer Magnetic Puzzles serve as both magnetic puzzles and board games,
providing endless entertainment and educational value. This set also doubles
as a convenient storage box, making it easy to keep all the pieces organized
and in one place. It's the perfect gift for birthdays, parties, holidays, and
other special occasions.

Each magnet in the set is made from laminated UV film, paper, and soft magnet
materials, ensuring durability and safety. The magnets are smooth and
comfortable to grip, with no burrs or unpleasant odor, making them suitable
for little hands.

This toy offers multi-ability training for children. As they engage with the
magnetic puzzles, kids can develop their imagination, hand-eye coordination,
and cognitive skills. They can also learn about various modes of
transportation and traffic rules. Additionally, the board games included in
this set cultivate children's logical thinking skills, providing a well-
rounded educational experience for 3-year-olds.

The uses of these toddler magnets extend beyond magnetic boards. They can be
placed on various home appliances such as fridges, microwave ovens, and
washing machines, allowing kids to create different patterns and designs
anywhere in the house.

Toyzoona proudly presents Mideer Magnetic Puzzles, a versatile and educational
toy that sparks imagination, creativity, and cognitive development in young
children. Get ready to provide hours of entertainment and learning with this
fantastic magnetic toy set!