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Mideer Puzzle Mat Md0158

KSh1,950.00 Regular price KSh4,600.00
Protect your puzzles and create a comfortable workspace with the Mideer Puzzle
Mat Md0158, available at Toyzoona! This convenient puzzle accessory allows you
to safely store and transport your puzzles while keeping all the pieces
intact. The puzzle mat provides a large and soft surface for assembling your
puzzles, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable puzzling experience. With its
roll-up design and secure fastening straps, you can easily store your puzzle
in progress and resume whenever you're ready. The Mideer Puzzle Mat Md0158 is
compatible with various puzzle sizes and makes puzzle storage and organization
a breeze. Enhance your puzzle-solving experience with the Mideer Puzzle Mat
from Toyzoona and keep your puzzles protected and ready to go at all times.
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