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Military Gun Blaster

KSh6,950.00 Regular price KSh13,000.00
Discover the excitement of the Military Blaster Gun Safe Foam Bullets – a
super-cool and battery-operated soft bullet gun that guarantees safe and
thrilling playtime adventures. With its unique shape and ready-to-shoot
design, this toy offers hassle-free fun without the need for assembly.

Equipped with ultra-long range capabilities, this foam bullet gun ensures that
the action never stops, allowing kids to engage in exciting battles and
imaginative play. The gun's safety features make it an intelligent choice for
children, offering both entertainment and peace of mind for parents.

Get ready for hours of fun and laughter as children embark on thrilling
missions with the Military Blaster Gun Safe Foam Bullets at Toyzoona. With
batteries not included, this toy is the perfect addition to your child's
playtime arsenal. Experience the joy of safe, exciting, and intelligent fun as
your child's imagination takes flight with this foam bullet gun.