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Noodle Maker 37 Pcs


"Introducing the Noodle Maker 37 Pcs Colored Play Dough Kitchen Set at Toyzoona! Fuel your child's creativity with this interactive kitchen set, where they can craft noodles, dumplings, desserts, and more. With six vibrant colored doughs and nine dispenser nozzles, there are a whopping 54 unique combinations to explore. Watch your child's imagination soar as they experiment with endless possibilities, nurturing both mental and motor skills.

This comprehensive 37-piece set includes four ingredient boxes (Chilli sauce, Pecan oil, green onions, Salad dressing), 20 food molds, a plate, a bowl, five cooking utensils, two dough presses, a menu, a clock, and a convenient storage shelf to keep everything organized.

Ideal for children aged 3 and up, the Noodle Maker 37 Pcs Play Dough Kitchen Set at Toyzoona promises hours of fun and skill development. Get ready for a world of culinary creativity – shop now!"