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Panini Premier League Trading Cards

Get your hands on the official Premier League Adrenalyn XL trading cards
available for purchase at Toyzoona! This first release boasts a massive
collection of x466 trading cards, providing enthusiasts with an extensive
range of options to complete their set. Each packet comes with six cards and a
QR code leaflet that unlocks a digital packet, adding an interactive element
to the collecting experience.

What's more, every box guarantees the inclusion of either a Limited Edition or
Excellence card, making it even more thrilling for collectors. With a total of
x36 packets (equivalent to x216 cards), the Panini Premier League Adrenalyn XL
Official Trading Card Game for the 2022/23 season is the ultimate must-have

Discover the latest edition packed with fresh facts and captivating content,
featuring top talent from across the Premier League. Immerse yourself in the
excitement of the best league in world football and enjoy the countless ways
to play, collect, and relish in the Premier League Adrenalyn XL experience.
Buy your set now from Toyzoona!