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Peekaboo Electric Baby Swing Rocker Pink

Type: Infant Toys

Introducing the Peekaboo Electric Baby Swing Rocker in Pink - Your Baby's New Best Friend!

Key Features:

  • Soothing Comfort: Our portable swing deluxe bouncer is designed for one thing - keeping your baby comfortable and happy. With a wide, cozy seat and gentle, calming music with melodies and natural sounds, your little one will enjoy a peaceful resting or sleeping time.

  • Bluetooth & Remote Control: Parents, you're in control! This swing features Bluetooth connectivity with a remote control. Choose from various modes and play soothing music to lull your baby into a peaceful sleep or to chase away those bad moods. Convenience at your fingertips.

  • Playful Entertainment: Your munchkin will have a blast with the hanging plush toy on the overhead bar. It's designed to engage and delight your baby while they swing.

  • Safety First: Our baby swing includes a secure harness to ensure your baby's safety during every use. Rest easy knowing your baby is protected and content.

  • Portable Design: Take this must-have baby swing almost anywhere you go. It's foldable and designed for busy parents on the move.

  • Versatile Movement: Enjoy the option to switch between a soothing swing motion and stationary mode. Your baby's preferences are covered.

  • 4 Rocking Speeds: Find the perfect rhythm to soothe your baby with four rocking speeds. Experiment and discover what works best for your little one.

  • Easy Assembly: Setting up this swing is a breeze, and operation is simple. You'll spend less time on logistics and more time with your baby.

  • Mosquito Net: Keep your baby safe from insects with the detachable mosquito net. It's a thoughtful addition for outdoor use.

  • Soft Cushion Headrest: Your baby's comfort is paramount. The soft cushion headrest ensures your baby enjoys a cozy and supported seat.

The Peekaboo Electric Baby Swing Rocker in Pink is more than just a baby swing; it's a companion for your little one's journey to grow up happy. Parents and babies alike love its thoughtful features and soothing capabilities. Get yours today at Toyzoona!