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Pj Mask Catboy Connor

KSh4,950.00 Regular price KSh7,700.00
Embark on heroic adventures with PJ Masks Catboy Connor, the beloved character
toy from the animated TV show PJ Masks! This poseable action figure stands
approximately 3 inches tall, representing the young superhero Connor, who
transforms into the agile Catboy to fight crime alongside his superhero
friends Owlette and Gekko.

Dressed in his signature blue cat-themed costume and mask, Catboy Connor is
ready to take on any mission and save the day! Whether he's leaping through
the night or using his super cat speed, this toy from Toyzoona brings the
action-packed world of PJ Masks to life.

Perfectly suited for children aged 3 years and above, the PJ Masks Catboy
Connor toy promises endless hours of imaginative play and superhero fun. Watch
as your child joins Catboy and his fearless friends on thrilling escapades,
protecting the city from villains and unleashing their inner hero.

Let the superhero dreams soar high with PJ Masks Catboy Connor. Grab this
dynamic action figure now and watch as your child's playtime comes alive with
excitement and adventure!